Lee Harwell Photography

Photographer: Lee M. Harwell
Website: Leeharwellphotography.com
Email: mrleeharwell@gmail.com

Biographical Statement:
Lee M. Harwell is a longtime resident of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Raised in downtown Chicago, Illinois, he attended the UWL- La Crosse and after graduating with a major in Philosophy, decided the Coulee region was far more hospitable to the quality of life.
Lee is passionate about Photo-Impressionism, which is the attempt to see reality through a unique perspective, making for thoughtful and entertaining imagery. His subject matter includes nature, people, places and things.
He won the “Merit Award” at a Pump House exhibition in 2011. Also, he has exhibited at the EcoPark and was winner of the “Naturalist’s Favorite” and “Peoples’ Choice” awards.
Besides promoting his own art endeavors, he also specializes in helping other artists promote their works thru his Art Object Photography business. His careful and artful digital replications make an artist’s work stand out and attract the eye of the viewer.

Official photographer for Earth Fair 2013, 2014, 2015 ,2016 and 2017.

Winner of the Pump House 2013 Art Banner contest with showing of my photos as banners displayed thru downtown La Crosse.

Recipient of a Certificate of Achievement for the above Art Banner contest, presented by the Mayor of La Crosse.

Exhibitor in 2014 at the Pump House Regional Arts Center, La Crosse Wisconsin. Title of Exhibit: Junk Yard Art.

Presently see my photo display stands located at Pearl Street Books.

Retail photo display stands located at Pearl Street Books.